Jennie Owens

Jennie Owens

Jennie Owens provides one-on-one coaching for families and individuals, specializing in the areas self-care and parenting. She also provides trainings and workshops to groups on a variety of topics relating to parenting, especially in parenting children who have experienced trauma, and the self-care required to do so. She currently contracts with the state to help train foster parents in the Tri Cities and Walla Walla.

Jennie has worked with children of all ages for over 21 years. In addition to her MA in Education, Jennie has received extensive training in therapeutic parenting, and has worked in multiple group home settings with abused and abandoned children. Together with her husband, she adopted three older foster children, who have all progressed much further than expected by professionals. They continue to provide her with on-the-job training every day.

Self-care has become an important topic and an area of life where Jennie has grown and continues to grow in. In the middle of parenting their own traumatized children, Jennie found herself overcome by the effects of stress on her life. At one point, she could barely walk across the room without having to sit down and was emotionally and physically falling apart. After a doctor’s warning that “If you don’t get rid of your stressors, you are going to die,” she determined to figure out ways to deal with the unavoidable (and unusually extreme) stressors of her situation in more healthy, life-giving ways. As a result, she provides her clients with practical, sound guidance in their quest to find healthier ways of dealing with life’s difficulties, especially when parenting challenging children.

While Jennie’s parenting experience primarily has centered around traumatized or special needs children, her overall experience and knowledge can provide guidance and support to parents in any situation. One-on-one coaching allows her to walk along side of you as you seek to become a better parent and learn better ways of taking care of yourself along the way. Providing guidance and accountability, Jennie can help you in any of these areas to grow and become all that you can be.

Sometimes we just need for someone who has been through the trenches to walk along side of us, encouraging and supporting us. At times we need a new perspective or tool to aid our growth. Coaching provides support and encouragement, as well as accountability and tools for accomplishing goals. Perhaps you desire to maintain better self-care practices or finding more productive ways to parent a challenging child. Coaching can help!